Titel: Bizarre
Karten: 52 + 8 Joker
Format: -
französisches Blatt (Kreuz, Pik, Herz, Karo)
Hersteller: A Don Juan Production
Jahr: -
Land: -
Herausgeber: -
Darstellung: -
Beschreibung: "BIZZARE Deck - ABSOLUTELY MINT Condition (circa 1980) - 52 Color Cards + 8 jokers, as issued. Original 2 part hinged plastic box in EXCELLENT condition with very slight wear. Okay, all you fans of hardcore. This European deck is incredibly well printed and packed with jism, cunts, a-holes, tits covered with cum, and pricks squirting all over the place. There simply isn't anything more outrageously hardcore available on a set of playing cards!! The women are absolutely beautiful and, if I didn't say it before, the printing is amazing!! And, one more thing, there are some VERY, VERY WEIRD PHOTOS in this deck!!" (Rotenberg)
Nachweis: ROTENBERG, No. 495
Auktionspreis: - € (-)
ID-No.: mas00226, a:60, b:Europa, d:Foto, e:Hardcore, f:Don Juan Production

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